Sore is good.


Sore is good. What does that mean? When your muscles are sore after a workout that means the muscle is growing and building. If you aren’t sore after a workout that just means you’re “toning” your muscles, not building.

What happens when you workout your muscles is that you create tiny microscopic tears in the muscle which then starts to regenerate and build creating more muscle. The same thing happens wether you’re sore or not but if you’re not sore the tears are even smaller and just defines the muscle already there.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “no pain no gain” which is absolutely true. You want to gain? You need to be sore which means recognizing when your body can do another round or more reps during your workouts, pushing your body but not too far. It’s a fine line that you yourself have to learn about your body with time.

Any exercise is good whether you’re sore after or not. The leg workout I did today is below! Enjoy!

  1. x30 jumping jacks
  2. x10 weighted squats
  3. x3o heel touches
  4. x10 weighted lunges(both sides)
  5. x10 burpees
  6. x10 plie(sumo) squats
  7. x10 narrow push-ups
  8. x20 clams(both sides)
  9. 1:00 wall sit                       REAPEAT 3-5X!!

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