Flourless Banana Pancakes



  • 2-4 Eggs
  • 1-2 Bananas
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 1tsp cloves
  • 1/4tsp vanilla(pure)


Mash bananas with fork until smooth, mix in egg. Make sure you always have one more egg than you do of bananas in this mixture, otherwise they will fall apart when you try to flip them. Mix in spices and vanilla until thoroughly combined. Cook on medium-low temperature with either olive oil, coconut oil or butter. Top with syrup, dried fruit or whatever you desire!!!

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The Scale, Enemy or Friend?

Being healthy and fit is often related to how much you weigh, this is wrong! Being healthy has NOTHING to do with weight and every thing to do with how YOU feel. If you’re eating the foods you know work for your body and doing the exercises best for you, you’re weight means nothing.

When people say they want to get down to a certain weight, that’s not necessarily better unless they are obese. What you want to do is replace the unwanted fat with lean muscle, muscle weighs more than fat so if you start gaining weight when you start working out frequently it’s actually a good thing. For example, I weigh 145. In the past 4 months I’ve been really intensifying my workouts and i’ve gained weight, but it’s NOT fat. I can now see my abs and definition in my arms and back. I weighed 138 in August of last summer when I was doing a lot of cardio and volleyball, now that I do a lot more weight lifting i’ve gained muscle which weighs more than fat.

I’m healthy, fit and happy and that is all that matters. Your weight is no measure of how healthy and fit you are. Yes, I way more but my fat content has gone down and that to me is more important than a useless number on a scale. Your scale is not your friend, it can make you feel guilty and make you regret choices you made, but it’s not accurate to your health at all. Don’t weigh yourself everyday or even every week, I weigh myself once a month if that because to me it’s not important it’s just a number on a scale.

I used to obsess over that number, I weighed myself every single morning before i ate breakfast. It made me hate my body and feel ashamed so then I would stop trying to eat healthy and binge and gain weight(unhealthy weight). It was a deathly circle, until my trainer told me that my weight doesn’t matter if I’m eating right and exercising frequently. I didn’t fully understand what he meant till I stopped weighing myself every morning and I actually felt better. Not relying on my scale made me feel better because I wasn’t constantly worrying about my weight and I lost a lot of weight then gained some healthy weight by replacing fat with muscle. If you’re happy and healthy, that is ALL that matters. Don’t rely on your scale to tell you whether you’re happy or not. My challenge to you is only weigh yourself once a month, if that.

The KILLER arm workout I did is below!! Check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workouts!!!


  1. x15 front raises(both sides)
  2. x15 lateral raises(both sides)
  3. x20 shouler press
  4. x15 lateral raises(both sides)  REPEAT 3X!


  1. x20 hammer curls
  2. x15 concentration curls
  3. x15 half curls(from top, stop half way down)
  4. x15 half curls(from bottom, stop half way up)  REPEAT 3X!


  1. x20 tricep dips(use chair)
  2. x15 tricep kickbacks
  3. x15 tricep extensions REPEAT 3X!


  1. x20 hammer curls
  2. x15 concentration curls
  3. x15 tricep extensions
  4. x15 pushups  REPEAT 2X!            BE SURE TO STRETCH YOUR ARMS OUT!!!!!



Why is Eating Breakfast Integral?

I’m sure we’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that is absolutely true. Here’s why; it gives you energy to start the day, boosts your metabolism, gets you in a happy mood, gives you sharper focus, creates a template for food proportions, and helps prevent over eating.

All of the above is true for eating breakfast, if you’re going to skip any meal make sure that it is NOT breakfast. Let’s touch base on a couple of those individual benefits. Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism, how? It increases your digesting and metabolism up to 10 percent. Over night you’re burning and settling foods you ate that evening, in the morning you’re starting the engine again and it needs some fuel to run, hence breakfast. To keep your metabolism active throughout the day or in other words staying in a thermogenesis state, you have to eat frequent meals however small starting with breakfast to kickstart your stomach’s digestion.

How does breakfast make you less cranky in the morning and give you better focus? Well, eating in general tends to raise spirits but in this case it’s because eating gives you better focus which causes you to do better at work, school etc which makes you happy. Breakfast increases your focus, concentration and has the ability to give you better memorization skills. There’s so much research done on this topic, having a full stomach before you go into a test for example improves your test taking skills by a lot. This is because you have filled your body with nutrients therefore you have overall better cognitive, memory and attention functions.

So clearly breakfast is very important in day to day life. Never skip a breakfast!!

Down below is the leg workout I did!! check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workout!!

  1. x10 weighted lunges(both sides)
  2. x10 plie squat jumps
  3. x10 weighted reverse lunges(both sides)
  4. x10 squat jumps
  5. x10 side leg lifts with resistance band(both sides)
  6. x10 weighted single leg bridges(both sides)
  7. x10 leg lifts with resistance band(both sides)
  8. x10 deadlifts  REPEAT 4X!!!!!

Rest day eats.

You work hard all week eating right and gaining muscle, you want to maintain that on your rest day(s) and prevent catabolism. Here’s how, load up on lean proteins like chicken breast, tuna, beef and egg whites. You want to have your normal intake of calories as the rest of the week just less carbs, and the rest of your diet that day(s) should be made up of healthy fats such as, bananas, avocados, chia seeds, almonds(or pretty much any nut), pumpkin seeds, eggs, and yes dark chocolate.

Those are just examples of healthy fat foods to put in your body on rest days, you of course need to find the right balance for you! My diet on rest days looks something like this, a grapefruit and egg cooked in olive oil and a glass of water for breakfast, for lunch a smoothie with spinach, banana, apple, almond milk, and cinnamon. I add more or less and different kinds of veggies and fruits depending on what I’m feeling. For dinner I have a chicken salad with avocados and bulgar wheat. This is not always the foods I eat on rest days, sometimes I have superfood smoothies for breakfast and a tunafish sandwich for lunch, but I’ve figured out the balance needed for my body on rest days when I don’t workout.

Hopefully this is a template for you to base your rest day diet on, it’s going to be different for everyone because of body types etc.

Down below is the arm workout I did!! check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of workouts I do!!

  1. x10 90 degree side raise
  2. x10 bicep curl/side bench press(both those moves together count as ONE rep)
  3. x10 tricep extensions
  4. x10 tricep kickbacks
  5. x10 straight leg tricep dips
  6. x10 hammer curl/ 90 degree lateral raise(both those moves together count as ONE rep)      REPEAT 4X!!!!!!!

Chia Seed Pudding



1/2 cup chia seeds

2 cups plant milk(i used almond milk)

2 tablespoons pure maple syrup

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1 1/2 teaspoons cloves


Mix all the ingredients together in an air tight container. Put in the refrigerator over night and enjoy for breakfast or any meal of the day!! Top with fresh or dried fruit, nuts or whatever you desire!! Store it in the fridge to stay fresh.

New Year New Me.

We’ve all heard that saying a million times and maybe even said it. I’m going to tell you why I avoid saying that. I know it’s been the new year for over a month now but it’s never too late to talk about important subjects so here it goes, why I avoid saying “new year new me”.

That saying honestly puts a lot of pressure on  yourself, it’s stressful to just jump into a new lifestyle. Becoming a better version of yourself takes time, it can seldom be completed in one year. The journey is slow but it’s still a journey, I’ve been on mine for four years. Instead of sitting down and writing out a huge list of things I’m resolving to do that year I take it slower by giving myself a small goal every week which you can read about in one of my previous blogs “goal setting to get fit?”. The whole idea of a new year is a fresh start not dumping weight on your shoulders with stress about working out more, eating healthier etc. Whatever your goal(s) for this year is, there’s no need to rush the journey.

Now let’s get deep and personal, the real reason I don’t want to rush and give myself a million resolutions for 2017 or any other year. Bare with me, this story goes back a ways. When I was little I was a scrawny little blonde girl(i mean bright yellow blonde) it wasn’t until I was 10 that I started gaining weight and not the healthy kind. The “thicker body” gene runs in my family, my dad has it, one of my brothers got it and so did I. What this means is we have a slow metabolism(it’s easier to build fat than get rid of it or gain muscle) and we can’t just eat whenever and whatever we want, EVER. My parents were really worried when I started gaining weight, and my dad was upset that I had gotten the gene too. At this time I was a competitive ice skater so I was physically active but not enough. My family started a diet called “the south beach diet” which was actually very effective but the food is pretty bland and it got very boring after about a year of being consistent. By the time all this had happened two years had passed, I had continued gaining weight after we stopped the diet. My dad joined a gym and so did I, we both got personal trainers and I went three times a week mixed with  at home workouts that my trainer gave me and eating semi-healthy. That’s when I started to understand my body. Through this I fell in love with fitness and nutrition and learned to appreciate my body. I still have so many insecurities and residue from that time of my life but I’ve come to an understanding that I only have one body, so I’m going to treat it well.

If I hadn’t started working out and eating more foods that are friendlier to my body, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I would have continued gaining weight. I can honestly say I was overweight. Once I started playing volleyball which is high intensity cardio I shed a lot of the extra weight and I also started working out everyday with rest days periodically placed etc and eating healthier than ever.

I know that if I rush to get to my goals and I put pressure on myself like saying “new year new me” I’m just going to plunge into my old ways and be un-healthy and un-happy. I know this isn’t the case for a lot of people but I wanted to share my story with you because eating right, staying active, anxiety are all still things I struggle with to this day. Remember not to rush whatever journey you’re on and embrace it instead.

I have some exciting and delicious recipes headed your way this weekend(week)!!!! Down below is the KILLER leg workout I did today!! As well as a short and intense cardio session!! Check out my Instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workouts!!

  1. x20 deep squats w/band
  2. x20 dead lifts(narrow to wide alternating)
  3. x15 squat jumps
  4. x15 squat pulses
  5. x20 lunges(both sides)
  6. x15 weighted leg curls REPEAT 3-4X!!!!


  1. x10 half burpees
  2. x10 jumping jacks
  3. x10 weighted squat jumps w/band
  4. x10 weigted side to side jumps w/weight
  5. x10 plank jacks
  6. x10 tuck jumps REPEAT 3-5X!!!

Milk can help with Soreness?

I’m going to talk about some things that you can do to help your soreness after a workout! The biggest one is drinking water, yes as simple as a big glass of water after a workout. I drink a little water before my workout as well as during then I down a big glass of water afterwards. What water does is it keeps your body hydrated therefore your muscles aren’t going to tense up which is part of soreness in your muscles, so water can reduce soreness after an intense workout.

Another great way to help sooth soreness is chocolate milk, now this doesn’t really work if you’re lactose intolerant like me so I’ll share some alternatives to milk in a minute. Why chocolate milk? because the proteins in the milk help rebuild muscle tears(which is what happens when you build muscle) quicker than just letting it run it’s course. The milk also helps replenish glycogen which also helps with future performance in the gym.

What if you’re lactose intolerant? here’s some substitutes for milk, whey protein(as well as a lot of other proteins, coconut milk and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates combined with protein is a great mixture to help with muscle soreness(make sure they’re good carbs).

And last but not least ice packs and heating packs. Ice packs are great for muscle soreness especially if you take a hot bath then ice what ever is sore for about half an hr, or even just icing right before bed is more effective than not. Heating packs do the same job just with heat. What I like to do is do a hot/cold method where I ice for 15 minutes and then put a hot compress on for 15 minutes or make the intervals shorter like 5 and 5 so you alternate more than twice in that half hour. I use that method on injuries more than muscle soreness but it works great for both!

All of the above are very effective ways to help(not prevent) muscle soreness. Down below is the arm workout I did, check out my Instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workouts!! enjoy.


  1. x12 upright row
  2. x12 shoulder press
  3. x12 lateral to front raises  REPEAT 3X!!!


  1. x12 skull crushers
  2. x12 tricep dips
  3. x12 tricep kickbacks REPEAT 3X!!!


  1. x12 dumbbell curl
  2. x12 hammer curl
  3. x12 alternating concentrated bicep curls REPEAT 3X!!!



Goal Settting to get Fit?

Setting goals is very effective, not just for fitness but for everything in life. Set small goals for your self once a week, yes once a WEEK. On sunday set a small goal for the week like drinking a glass of water before every meal, or eating more fruits and/or greens. Little goals like that so you don’t get overwhelmed if everything you’ve promised yourself NOT to do.

Focusing on one little thing is so much easier than four or five different things, how I like to hold myself accountable for staying on track to reach my goal is “to do lists” I have a list in my room on a dry erase board where I put my goal for the week whether it be a physical or mental goal so everyday as I am getting ready for school I see my goal for the week.

If you can make it a week of doing one particular healthy thing whether it be food, exercise or a mental attitude then it will be easier after that week and maybe you won’t even have to think about it as much. I even have a “to do” list on my desk top using the sticky note app so I see when I’m doing school work etc.

I hope you try out this method whether it be to stay on track with fitness, eating healthy or anything else in life, I promise it WORKS!!

Down below is the glute workout I did today! check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workouts!! Enjoy.

  1. x8 Side lunges(both sides)
  2. x10 weighted sumo squat pulses
  3. x8 curtsy to side lunge weighted(both sides)
  4. x8 curtsy to side leg lift(both sides)
  5. x16 side/side lunges(total)
  6. low alternating curtsies
  7. x10 side leg lifts with resistance band
  8. Repeat 3-5X!!!

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is working out without any extra or added weight. Burpees for example is a body weight exercise. This method of exercise is extremely effective, why? because it tones and builds muscle to you can in turn keep adding heavier weights into your normal workouts.

Body weight training is normally paired with cardio or is completely cardio. I like to add a lot of jumping, squats and pushups with a ton of other variations on exercises. When you do body weight training you want a high number of reps to make up for not having weights and maybe a raised number of rounds, but it depends on what type of body weight training session you’re doing.

If you’re doing timed exercises raise the amount of seconds on each exercise and lower the rounds(not by a lot). If you’re doing a certain number of a certain exercise raise the number of reps and maybe keep the number of rounds the same. In the end it’s up to you and how you feel and whether you’re a beginner or advanced at working out. Mix it up and have fun!! Add body weight training into your schedule, it is highly effective.

Down below is the body weight/cardio workout I did. Enjoy!!!

  1. x30 jumping jacks
  2. x5 pushups
  3. x25 high knees
  4. x7 burpees
  5. x10 crunches
  6. x7 squats
  7. x5 pushups
  8. x10 crunches
  9. x5 pushups
  10. x7 squats
  11. x30 jumping jacks
  12. 1:00 wall sit
  13. x5 pushups
  14. x25 highknees           REPEAT 3-5X!!!!!

Smoothies make great meals?

Smoothies are absolutely wonderful!! Easily one of my favorite things in this world. You can cram your greens, fruit, protein and water all in one glass!! They are quick to make as well as inexpensive! They can also be powerful superfoods if you do it right.

What are superfoods? Greens like spinach and kale along with seeds like chia, sunflower and pumpkin. Super nuts are pistachios, almonds and cashews. Super fruits would be strawberries, blueberries, apples, grapefruit and a couple others.

So mix a couple foods from each category and voila a healthy meal!! Down below is my Apple Pie smoothie recipe!! I swear it tasted exactly like apple pie!! Please comment below if you try it out!! Check out my Instagram @lookingglassfitness for the core workout I did today!!

The Apple Pie Smoothie

  1. one apple
  2. one banana
  3. 1-2 tsp cinnamon
  4. 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds
  5. 1 tbsp coconut flakes
  6. 1/3 cup water
  7. hand full of ice            BLEND ALL TOGETHER AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!