Planning Ahead

You’re more likely to go through with things if you have a plan of how and what to do. I’m going to talk about planning your workouts and meals for the week, if you plan your workouts they’ll be easier to do. Every sunday I write out the weekdays with the muscle groups I’ll be working, for example: Monday, Core and cardio. Tuesday, legs and glutes. When I plan out my week like that I NEVER miss a workout except of course my scheduled rest day.

Planning out your workouts at the beginning of the week applies yourself mentally to your physical goals, you will be more motivated and focused on your workouts than if you don’t plan them. You can still of course spontaneously switch it up at the last minute but at least you have a guide to start with.

The same thing goes for meals, I meal prep and plan meals for the week. I make overnight oats, prep salad makings etc. You’ll be more likely to stick to your “healthy food” plan by making things for the week in advance, again it’s the act of mentally applying yourself to your physical goal that will hold you accountable.

I do my meal prepping and workout planning on sunday EVERY week as well as writing out one goal for that week(fitness or non-fitness related) You can see my previous blog post about that by clicking back a ways. It has honestly been the healthiest thing I’ve ever done for myself and I now LOVE eating salad(which i used to despise) and other healthy foods by prepping my food and forcing myself to stay on top of it. I urge you to try it out.

The full workout I did today is below!! Check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for videos of my workouts!!!!


  1. x10 weighted drop squats
  2. x12 weighted curtsy lunges(stay low the entire time, don’t stand up when switching legs).
  3. x10 Weighted single leg deadlifts(spirals).
  4. x12 donkey kicks with heavy resistance band

REPEAT 4-6X!!!!


  1. x8 hammer curls
  2. x8 shoulder presses
  3. x8 butterflies


  1. x10 concentrated bicep curls
  2. x10 pushups


  1. x8 tricep dips
  2. x8 chest fly
  3. x30 slow pulse tricep extensions



Breaks Are Good

When you workout a lot you have a “rest day” or a couple rest days scheduled into your week. However, sometimes a bigger break is more effective for your body.

I took about 5 days off from working out and I’m physically stronger and motivated when I workout. So let me tell you that taking a bigger break every now and then is a GREAT thing for you physically and mentally if you are a fitness junkie like me. So instead of stressing out about taking a bigger break from working out, don’t because it could do you some good.

When you workout everyday for months on end you sometimes don’t feel like working out and you lose some motivation, taking a break to reset is a good thing. Your body soaks up everything you’ve been doing and BOOM you’re ready to kick some butt even harder than before. You’ll be physically stronger so you can lift heavier etc. and you’ll be more motivated than ever to be the best version of you. Trust me taking a longer break every now and then is a really good thing.

So make sure you take a rest day in your week and every month or two maybe take 2-4 days off, you won’t regret it.

Check out my Instagram @lookingglassfitness for videos of my workouts and pictures of food!!! The full body/cardio workout I did today is below.

This will burn a ton of calories, tone your whole body and it’s cardio!!

Beginners should only do this once, Intermediate 2-3, advanced 4-6.

Stairs: up and down= 1 rep.

Between each rep of stairs do the workout below. so, run the stairs then at the top do the situps, run the stairs then do the pushup/toe touches etc.



  1. x12 weighted sit up/ twist
  2. x12 push up/ toe touches
  3. x12 weighted bridges with resistance band on thighs
  4. x12 weighted low squats with band
  5. x12 tricep extensions
  6. x12 reverse lunge/shoulder press(each leg)