The Technique of Smoothies

Today I am going to talk about the proper way to build your smoothies, believe it or not it is actually very important to know this.

One of the first things is this; you only want to put in an amount of ingredients that you would normally eat. It is very easy to throw several fruits and veggies into the blender with other ingredients, this is dangerous. Just because all of the ingredients are all blended into one mass doesn’t mean it’s less calories.

Only put the amount of food in the blender you would normally eat, otherwise it is a caloric overload and you are essentially over-eating without your body really knowing. So don’t throw three oranges, two bananas, two hand fulls of spinach etc. Only blend what you normally eat, like an apple, some seeds, 6-7 leaves of spinach etc. That way you don’t overload in calories.

The second thing I want to talk about is your metabolism/hunger enzymes. So pretty much when you are drinking anything, smoothie, coffee, hot chocolate etc. Your body doesn’t know really. When you are drinking your food like in a smoothie it doesn’t fire up your hunger receptors(enzymes) so your body doesn’t know if it is full or not. How to fix this? chew your smoothie. Yes, you read that right. You need to fire up those enzymes and the way to do that is chewing, even if you’re chewing liquid. So chew your smoothie that way your stomach will know if you are full or not.

There is a superfood smoothie recipe down below, you may change the ingredients and measurements to suit you!

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Green Super Food Smoothie:

1/4 cup almond milk

3 sticks of celery

1 apple

1/2 teaspoon chia seeds

1/2 teaspoon pumpkin seeds

blend, enjoy!!!