What is the 80/20 Philosophy and Why Do I Care?

I know all of you have heard “balance is everything”, “everything in moderation” etc. but what does that ACTUALLY mean? I am going to tell you!

Yes, it is important to have a good balance when it comes to nutrition and your diet, but what is balance? Balance to me is the 80/20 philosophy, which means to eat clean 80% of the time and let yourself live a little 20% of the time. Restricting foods is good to a point, the point where you start to struggle mentally. Sometimes you just gotta eat that cupcake so you don’t end up binging later, the “cheat” foods should be built into your daily/weekly nutrition plan. This will prevent you from over doing it when you are presented with sweets after restricting yourself for weeks on end. That is “balance” to me, to you it might look a little different but I live by the 80/20 philosophy. Don’t restrict yourself to the point you are going to over-eat when presented with sweets (or any vice of yours).

Okay, we have covered balance but what about the phrase “everything in moderation”? This goes back to not over restricting yourself, I believe everything should be on the table. ALL THE FOOD EVER. BUT you shouldn’t go crazy on it, moderate how much bad/good stuff you eat. So yes, eat that cake but just have one slice and that’s it for desert. Yes, drink that beer but just have the one. Everything in moderation.

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