“Diet” Vs. A Healthy Relationship With Food.


The word “diet” has a somewhat negative connotation attached to it these days. If you are “dieting” that means there must be something wrong with you health or body wise, so in turn it makes us feel bad about ourselves.

Eating clean is a hard thing to do, especially if you’re used to eating whatever you want whenever you want. When you start changing your lifestyle for the better, working out more and eating better we migrate towards “diets” and health fads. Here is why I think the word “diet” is bad and why you should avoid the word and actually dieting.

Eating clean or “dieting” is a lifestyle, not a three-month thing. Most diets are a month or so long, but once it is done you go back to your old ways. You must adopt a new and healthy way of eating that fits into your way of life etc. It is not something you will understand or accomplish over night, it takes practice, listening to your body, and dedication because this process of adopting a new lifestyle will take more than a month.

The key of eating healthy, and staying healthy is everything in moderation. You do not have to cut all “bad” foods out of your life, that makes it harder to continue being strict in your food consumption. Instead of cutting it all out, everything in moderation. Have that brownie(not a whole box), have that hamburger etc. But don’t go crazy. In a day you need to mix it up, have healthy avocado toast for breakfast, a burger for lunch, chicken and beans for dinner and ice cream for dessert! Not every day mind you. Listen to your body, eat what you want to eat but keep it in moderation.

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