How to Stay Motivated-The Key


We all have those days or weeks where we just don’t want to, or we don’t see why we have to do something. Those days where you feel no drive and you re-think why you even do that activity(working out etc). Today I am going to share some tips and tricks on how to stay motivated.

The first thing to do is think about your goals, why did you start working out? what do YOU want to accomplish? Think about those goals and remember why you started working for them. You don’t need anyone else to pull motivation from you, you already have your motivation, sometimes it gets buried. Dig deep and remember why you started in the first place. If you don’t feel motivated, don’t take a break. Think about why you started and make yourself get a workout in, you know you’ll feel better once you do. Take some time and reflect on your goals, maybe reevaluate them and decide what is really important to you. Bottom line, remember why you started.

The second thing to do is think about how bad you want something. Motivation comes from within yourself, if you want something bad enough then motivation will come. This ties in with the first thing, if you truly want to reach your goals and you want it bad enough then you have to put in the work. Yes, some days are going to be hard, Some days you are not going to want to workout etc. Sometimes you won’t have time, as long as you remember why you started then you won’t have a problem working for it.

All in all motivation is a mental game, it’s a game that is hard to win sometimes but if your goals are clear and you want it bad enough, motivation will be there.

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