Does The Set “health zone” Apply to Everyone?

Body Mass Index For Child - regarding Child's Bmi Chart There are body mass testing calculations, and charts that all tell you one thing; how much you should weigh based on age, height, and gender. Are these realistic?

No!! Every single BODY is different, you can’t just assign a number you should weigh based on age, height and gender, that is not realistic at all. You can tell me the healthy amount of fat I should have, but you can’t tell me a specific number I should weigh. When you got to the doctor they usually weigh you(during a physical exam), and they measure you and based on all of that they look at a chart and determine if you are the in the “health zone”, overweight or underweight. Now this is a HUGE drawback, why? because muscle weighs more than fat, so if you weigh someone who is 5’7″ is 19 years old and is female but she is in good shape and has more muscle than fat it is still going to show “overweight” on the chart. Especially if that said person is very fit and has a lot of built muscle.

I think that whatever weight you feel comfortable at, healthy at, energetic at, is the RIGHT weight for you. I don’t believe there is one set health zone for everybody, I think health zones change with each person. We all have a set weight our body is programmed to have, so to speak. It works very hard to maintain that weight within 5 pounds (both directions) so forcing someone to either gain weight or lose weight because the chart says so is ridiculous, because they’re already at the healthiest weight for them (unless they are obese or severely malnourished).

As long as you feel fit, healthy, energized, and are at a weight YOU feel happy with then don’t worry about theses charts. All that matters is for you to be healthy, you don’t need a chart telling you how to do that, listen to your body and learn how to understand it. That is the only tool you need for you to stay healthy, abide by your bodies personal needs and you’ll be just fine.

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