Benefits of Cutting out Wheat.

Wheat, don’t get me wrong is very tasty and makes cooking and baking easier but sometimes the easier and tastier path isn’t always the healthiest. I’m going to talk about the benefits of cutting out or cutting down on wheat as well as substitutes for wheat/flour.

First lets talk about what wheat does to your body, if there is wheat in something your eating like bread it’s kind of a shock to your metabolism and can create a spike in blood sugar levels this is because it’s very high in carbohydrates. But it can also be death for people with slow metabolisms because it creates big fat deposits in your cells that are hard to get rid of.

So here are some benefits of getting wheat out of your diet. Wheat is a natural flammatory, meaning it causes inflammation and bloating in your body. Wheat doesn’t just stay in your stomach, it spreads to all  parts of your body so if you cut it out you want get bloated and you’ll notice that you have less acne as well as less oily skin if you have those problems. Cutting wheat out also improves your cardiovascular health in general if you stop eating it your heart would be happier, it  also tends to make you kind of sluggish but because of how much wheat we eat we don’t notice all of the negative effects of eating wheat.

When you cut out wheat for 2 weeks to a month and you re-introduce it into your diet, you’ll notice your body doesn’t like it. You may develop a rash or even get a stomach ache as well as notice you can’t eat as much wheat as before. These are all signs that wheat is bad for you, but we all eat it and most of us have no idea that it’s really bad for us inside and out.

Some substitutes for wheat are: oats(ground), almond flour, coconut flour, tapioca flour.

I hope this was helpful to you!! The full workout i did is below! check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for videos of my workouts!! A new recipe will be up in a couple days.


  1. x10 tricep pulldowns with resistance band(i got mine from J-fit)
  2. x10 single/cross tricep extensions
  3. x10 skull crushers(behind head)
  4. x10 skull crushers(on head)
  5. x10 reverse grip tricep extensions
  6. x10 tricep kickbacks



  1. x15 weighted sumo squats
  2. x15 weighted bridges with resistance band
  3. x15 deadlifts
  4. x15 weighted step ups
  5. x15 kick back pulses with resistance band
  6. x10 curtsy lunges
  7. x10 lunges



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