Tips to “bulk” and “tone”.

Lets talk about tips and the best ways to “bulk”(gain muscle fast) and “tone”(define muscle that is already there/shred fat and replace it with lean muscle).

How do you bulk? I’m going to tell you!! When you want to put on muscle fast you want to eat more carbohydrates(good ones) and increase your intake of protein. When I say protein i mean more meats like beef and chicken, you want to AVOID meal replacement protein supplements like whey protein. If you do want to take a protein powder supplement the best one would be BCAA which are Branched Chain Amino Acids.

Working out to bulk requires high weight and low reps, this is to shock your body to reproduce more muscle than you normally would. So there’s the basic idea behind how to bulk up.

How do you tone? here it is. Toning is just defining muscle that is already there but it is also great for losing weight because it shreds fat and replaces it with lean muscle. You want to increase your intake of protein such as BCAA or even a meal replacement like whey protein best to be taken before or during a workout. Eat more vegetables and less processed foods.

The main part of toning is not in the kitchen, it’s in the gym. You want to do body weight combo exercises with high repetitions. There’s the outline for how to tone/lose weight!!!!

The workout I did is Below!! check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for videos of my workouts and pictures of food!

  1. x16 alternating arnold press
  2. x12 shoulder press
  3. x15 lateral raises
  4. x15 upright row
  5. x15 front raises
  6. x12 side bicep curls
  7. x12 concentrated bicep curls
  8. x12 hammer curls
  9. x15 straight legged tricep dips

Repeat 3X!!!


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