Workout On The Go.

Traveling and enjoying life shouldn’t prevent you from getting your workout in! I’m going to talk about easy exercises you can do while traveling that require no equipment at all!

First exercise is a squat, you don’t need anything and there’s a lot of variations such as: Sumo squats, tip toe squats, squat holds, sumo to tip toe squats which are all great for toning your legs and building a booty! All of these exercises are body weight so I have to mention the second “on the go exercise” which is push-ups, I personally don’t like them because they can cause shoulder issues and I can’t do them because of an old shoulder injury I have. However if you do them correctly they can be great for your arms and core they also have variations such as: spider man push-ups, tricep push ups, wide push-ups, narrow push-ups, incline push-ups, walking push-ups and several others!

All the core exercises can be done on the go!! crunches, planks, mt.climbers, reverse crunches, leg lifts etc. Can all be done with no equipment! To make core exercises harder, do it on a bed. Doing it that way adds more work for your core because it’s not a flat/sturdy surface.

You can do leg work all on the go as well like: lunges, kneeling to squat position, step ups(use hotel bed/chair), calf raises and so many others! Be creative with your workouts on the go, where you’re staying may even have a gym. Don’t skip a workout just because you’re traveling! It’s so easy to just do some walking lunges and jumping jacks while you’re sight-seeing etc.

I hope this gave you some ideas for “on the go workouts”. Down below is the arm and core workout I did. Check out my Instagram @lookingglassfitness for videos of my workouts.

I won’t have a new post up till monday the 13th, I’m going out of town for a volleyball tournament.



  1. x8 hammer curls
  2. x8 shoulder press
  3. x8 butterflies



  1. X10 concentration bicep curls5-7
  2. x10 walking push-ups



  1. x8 tricep extensions
  2. x8 chest fly
  3. x30 tricep extension pulses(slow and low)



  1. X10 real V-ups
  2. x10 cat back stretch
  3. x10 superman
  4. x10 banded bikes
  5. x10 weighted crunches
  6. 1 minute plank



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