How to Stay Motivated.

Motivation sometimes just disappears, for me it’s when I have a lot of stuff to get done that day or some days I honestly just don’t feel like working out. I give myself rest days so I can hit my training even harder afterwards but sometimes when I come back I don’t want to train at all. How do I get through that feeling? By going down memory lane, thinking about where I started and how far I’ve come. Generic I know, but it’s effective.

I think about my goals and where I want to be in a year fitness wise, I give myself little goals every week(on a previous post) which helps for the days I don’t feel like training. Sometimes you have to give yourself a little kick in the pants. When I think about where I’ve come from and where I want to be it generally works to get me motivated to train but sometimes it doesn’t and I end up not feeling great. Working out for my is an outlet, a lifestyle and a hobby, when I skip my workout on a day I didn’t schedule a rest day on I can’t concentrate the rest of the day and I go to bed feeling very un-accomplished.

So, another way I motivate myself(yourself) to just go in and train no matter how short the session, is reminding myself how I’ll feel if I don’t workout the rest of the day and the next morning. Working out has been proven to clear the mind and improve cognitive skills as well as relieve stress! so if you have a packed day or you’re piled with stress from school, work etc. Set time aside and get a training session in it doesn’t have to be a long one and you’ll actually be MORE productive.

All of the above are ways I keep myself motivated on my fitness journey!! I hope this is helpful to you! Down below is the full body and core workout I did. Check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workouts!


  1. x15 weighted double pulse squats(squat, pulse twice, stand up and squeeze glutes at top).
  2. x15 wall sit/bicep curl to shoulder press
  3. x15 weighted squat/press out(hold DB, squat, press DB straight out, stand up)
  4. x12(each leg) Reverse lunge/ press



  1. :45 plank(keep back flat and butt down).
  2. :45 leg raises
  3. :45 standing weighted side dips(each side)
  4. :45 Side plank(each side)
  5. :45 raised leg crunches

REPEAT 2-4X!! (if you’re a beginner, only do circuit 1-2 times).


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