HIIT Benefits.

HIIT is a really great form of exercise, it pushes you to your absolute limit! What is a HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training, meaning you do exercises for a certain amount of time. This is a great way to train because it’s easy to just do a certain number of exercises but its a CHALLENGE when you have to do that exercise for a certain amount of time.

HIIT can involve anything and everything from burpees to combo moves to sprints! It’s super versatile and very intense. The best amount of time that I find for HIIT is anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute, of course you can do more. Timed moves push your body more than just 10 of something, especially if you make it a race against time to get as many as you can in the amount of time you give yourself.

I always give myself a goal for the next round, telling myself to get two more in than the last time I did it and so forth. It’s very much a mental challenge, it’s a battle between the exercises burning, time and your own mental thoughts. Even though I have a timer going I tell myself to get to a number like 20 and if I still have time left when I get to that number I’ll tell myself to get to a slightly higher number, this helps me keep my mind off of the burning in my muscles. I do two HIIT sessions a week, it’s also  a great way to do cardio moves.

Above was some tips on how I get through my HIIT sessions! I hope they’re helpful. The HIIT workout I did today is down below!! check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for videos and pictures of delicious food!!


  1. :30 reverse lunge to front lunge(each leg gets 30 seconds)
  2. :30 frog squats(booty burn!)
  3. :30 sumo squat jumps   REPEAT 3X!!


  1. :30 jumping jacks with light weight(i used 7 Lb DBs)
  2. :30 T-pushups
  3. :30 Half burpees  REPEAT 3X!!


  1. :30 Pendulum planks
  2. :30 crunch to leg raise
  3. :30 plank tucks(with stability ball or foam roller)  REPEAT 3X!!


  1. :30 4 high knees to 2 squat jumps
  2. :30 Mt. climbers
  3. :30 walkout to jump  REPEAT 3x!!




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