The Scale, Enemy or Friend?

Being healthy and fit is often related to how much you weigh, this is wrong! Being healthy has NOTHING to do with weight and every thing to do with how YOU feel. If you’re eating the foods you know work for your body and doing the exercises best for you, you’re weight means nothing.

When people say they want to get down to a certain weight, that’s not necessarily better unless they are obese. What you want to do is replace the unwanted fat with lean muscle, muscle weighs more than fat so if you start gaining weight when you start working out frequently it’s actually a good thing. For example, I weigh 145. In the past 4 months I’ve been really intensifying my workouts and i’ve gained weight, but it’s NOT fat. I can now see my abs and definition in my arms and back. I weighed 138 in August of last summer when I was doing a lot of cardio and volleyball, now that I do a lot more weight lifting i’ve gained muscle which weighs more than fat.

I’m healthy, fit and happy and that is all that matters. Your weight is no measure of how healthy and fit you are. Yes, I way more but my fat content has gone down and that to me is more important than a useless number on a scale. Your scale is not your friend, it can make you feel guilty and make you regret choices you made, but it’s not accurate to your health at all. Don’t weigh yourself everyday or even every week, I weigh myself once a month if that because to me it’s not important it’s just a number on a scale.

I used to obsess over that number, I weighed myself every single morning before i ate breakfast. It made me hate my body and feel ashamed so then I would stop trying to eat healthy and binge and gain weight(unhealthy weight). It was a deathly circle, until my trainer told me that my weight doesn’t matter if I’m eating right and exercising frequently. I didn’t fully understand what he meant till I stopped weighing myself every morning and I actually felt better. Not relying on my scale made me feel better because I wasn’t constantly worrying about my weight and I lost a lot of weight then gained some healthy weight by replacing fat with muscle. If you’re happy and healthy, that is ALL that matters. Don’t rely on your scale to tell you whether you’re happy or not. My challenge to you is only weigh yourself once a month, if that.

The KILLER arm workout I did is below!! Check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workouts!!!


  1. x15 front raises(both sides)
  2. x15 lateral raises(both sides)
  3. x20 shouler press
  4. x15 lateral raises(both sides)  REPEAT 3X!


  1. x20 hammer curls
  2. x15 concentration curls
  3. x15 half curls(from top, stop half way down)
  4. x15 half curls(from bottom, stop half way up)  REPEAT 3X!


  1. x20 tricep dips(use chair)
  2. x15 tricep kickbacks
  3. x15 tricep extensions REPEAT 3X!


  1. x20 hammer curls
  2. x15 concentration curls
  3. x15 tricep extensions
  4. x15 pushups  REPEAT 2X!            BE SURE TO STRETCH YOUR ARMS OUT!!!!!




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