Why is Eating Breakfast Integral?

I’m sure we’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that is absolutely true. Here’s why; it gives you energy to start the day, boosts your metabolism, gets you in a happy mood, gives you sharper focus, creates a template for food proportions, and helps prevent over eating.

All of the above is true for eating breakfast, if you’re going to skip any meal make sure that it is NOT breakfast. Let’s touch base on a couple of those individual benefits. Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism, how? It increases your digesting and metabolism up to 10 percent. Over night you’re burning and settling foods you ate that evening, in the morning you’re starting the engine again and it needs some fuel to run, hence breakfast. To keep your metabolism active throughout the day or in other words staying in a thermogenesis state, you have to eat frequent meals however small starting with breakfast to kickstart your stomach’s digestion.

How does breakfast make you less cranky in the morning and give you better focus? Well, eating in general tends to raise spirits but in this case it’s because eating gives you better focus which causes you to do better at work, school etc which makes you happy. Breakfast increases your focus, concentration and has the ability to give you better memorization skills. There’s so much research done on this topic, having a full stomach before you go into a test for example improves your test taking skills by a lot. This is because you have filled your body with nutrients therefore you have overall better cognitive, memory and attention functions.

So clearly breakfast is very important in day to day life. Never skip a breakfast!!

Down below is the leg workout I did!! check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workout!!

  1. x10 weighted lunges(both sides)
  2. x10 plie squat jumps
  3. x10 weighted reverse lunges(both sides)
  4. x10 squat jumps
  5. x10 side leg lifts with resistance band(both sides)
  6. x10 weighted single leg bridges(both sides)
  7. x10 leg lifts with resistance band(both sides)
  8. x10 deadlifts  REPEAT 4X!!!!!

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