Rest day eats.

You work hard all week eating right and gaining muscle, you want to maintain that on your rest day(s) and prevent catabolism. Here’s how, load up on lean proteins like chicken breast, tuna, beef and egg whites. You want to have your normal intake of calories as the rest of the week just less carbs, and the rest of your diet that day(s) should be made up of healthy fats such as, bananas, avocados, chia seeds, almonds(or pretty much any nut), pumpkin seeds, eggs, and yes dark chocolate.

Those are just examples of healthy fat foods to put in your body on rest days, you of course need to find the right balance for you! My diet on rest days looks something like this, a grapefruit and egg cooked in olive oil and a glass of water for breakfast, for lunch a smoothie with spinach, banana, apple, almond milk, and cinnamon. I add more or less and different kinds of veggies and fruits depending on what I’m feeling. For dinner I have a chicken salad with avocados and bulgar wheat. This is not always the foods I eat on rest days, sometimes I have superfood smoothies for breakfast and a tunafish sandwich for lunch, but I’ve figured out the balance needed for my body on rest days when I don’t workout.

Hopefully this is a template for you to base your rest day diet on, it’s going to be different for everyone because of body types etc.

Down below is the arm workout I did!! check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of workouts I do!!

  1. x10 90 degree side raise
  2. x10 bicep curl/side bench press(both those moves together count as ONE rep)
  3. x10 tricep extensions
  4. x10 tricep kickbacks
  5. x10 straight leg tricep dips
  6. x10 hammer curl/ 90 degree lateral raise(both those moves together count as ONE rep)      REPEAT 4X!!!!!!!

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