New Year New Me.

We’ve all heard that saying a million times and maybe even said it. I’m going to tell you why I avoid saying that. I know it’s been the new year for over a month now but it’s never too late to talk about important subjects so here it goes, why I avoid saying “new year new me”.

That saying honestly puts a lot of pressure on  yourself, it’s stressful to just jump into a new lifestyle. Becoming a better version of yourself takes time, it can seldom be completed in one year. The journey is slow but it’s still a journey, I’ve been on mine for four years. Instead of sitting down and writing out a huge list of things I’m resolving to do that year I take it slower by giving myself a small goal every week which you can read about in one of my previous blogs “goal setting to get fit?”. The whole idea of a new year is a fresh start not dumping weight on your shoulders with stress about working out more, eating healthier etc. Whatever your goal(s) for this year is, there’s no need to rush the journey.

Now let’s get deep and personal, the real reason I don’t want to rush and give myself a million resolutions for 2017 or any other year. Bare with me, this story goes back a ways. When I was little I was a scrawny little blonde girl(i mean bright yellow blonde) it wasn’t until I was 10 that I started gaining weight and not the healthy kind. The “thicker body” gene runs in my family, my dad has it, one of my brothers got it and so did I. What this means is we have a slow metabolism(it’s easier to build fat than get rid of it or gain muscle) and we can’t just eat whenever and whatever we want, EVER. My parents were really worried when I started gaining weight, and my dad was upset that I had gotten the gene too. At this time I was a competitive ice skater so I was physically active but not enough. My family started a diet called “the south beach diet” which was actually very effective but the food is pretty bland and it got very boring after about a year of being consistent. By the time all this had happened two years had passed, I had continued gaining weight after we stopped the diet. My dad joined a gym and so did I, we both got personal trainers and I went three times a week mixed with  at home workouts that my trainer gave me and eating semi-healthy. That’s when I started to understand my body. Through this I fell in love with fitness and nutrition and learned to appreciate my body. I still have so many insecurities and residue from that time of my life but I’ve come to an understanding that I only have one body, so I’m going to treat it well.

If I hadn’t started working out and eating more foods that are friendlier to my body, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I would have continued gaining weight. I can honestly say I was overweight. Once I started playing volleyball which is high intensity cardio I shed a lot of the extra weight and I also started working out everyday with rest days periodically placed etc and eating healthier than ever.

I know that if I rush to get to my goals and I put pressure on myself like saying “new year new me” I’m just going to plunge into my old ways and be un-healthy and un-happy. I know this isn’t the case for a lot of people but I wanted to share my story with you because eating right, staying active, anxiety are all still things I struggle with to this day. Remember not to rush whatever journey you’re on and embrace it instead.

I have some exciting and delicious recipes headed your way this weekend(week)!!!! Down below is the KILLER leg workout I did today!! As well as a short and intense cardio session!! Check out my Instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workouts!!

  1. x20 deep squats w/band
  2. x20 dead lifts(narrow to wide alternating)
  3. x15 squat jumps
  4. x15 squat pulses
  5. x20 lunges(both sides)
  6. x15 weighted leg curls REPEAT 3-4X!!!!


  1. x10 half burpees
  2. x10 jumping jacks
  3. x10 weighted squat jumps w/band
  4. x10 weigted side to side jumps w/weight
  5. x10 plank jacks
  6. x10 tuck jumps REPEAT 3-5X!!!

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