Goal Settting to get Fit?

Setting goals is very effective, not just for fitness but for everything in life. Set small goals for your self once a week, yes once a WEEK. On sunday set a small goal for the week like drinking a glass of water before every meal, or eating more fruits and/or greens. Little goals like that so you don’t get overwhelmed if everything you’ve promised yourself NOT to do.

Focusing on one little thing is so much easier than four or five different things, how I like to hold myself accountable for staying on track to reach my goal is “to do lists” I have a list in my room on a dry erase board where I put my goal for the week whether it be a physical or mental goal so everyday as I am getting ready for school I see my goal for the week.

If you can make it a week of doing one particular healthy thing whether it be food, exercise or a mental attitude then it will be easier after that week and maybe you won’t even have to think about it as much. I even have a “to do” list on my desk top using the sticky note app so I see when I’m doing school work etc.

I hope you try out this method whether it be to stay on track with fitness, eating healthy or anything else in life, I promise it WORKS!!

Down below is the glute workout I did today! check out my instagram @lookingglassfitness for clips of my workouts!! Enjoy.

  1. x8 Side lunges(both sides)
  2. x10 weighted sumo squat pulses
  3. x8 curtsy to side lunge weighted(both sides)
  4. x8 curtsy to side leg lift(both sides)
  5. x16 side/side lunges(total)
  6. low alternating curtsies
  7. x10 side leg lifts with resistance band
  8. Repeat 3-5X!!!

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