Body Weight Training

Body weight training is working out without any extra or added weight. Burpees for example is a body weight exercise. This method of exercise is extremely effective, why? because it tones and builds muscle to you can in turn keep adding heavier weights into your normal workouts.

Body weight training is normally paired with cardio or is completely cardio. I like to add a lot of jumping, squats and pushups with a ton of other variations on exercises. When you do body weight training you want a high number of reps to make up for not having weights and maybe a raised number of rounds, but it depends on what type of body weight training session you’re doing.

If you’re doing timed exercises raise the amount of seconds on each exercise and lower the rounds(not by a lot). If you’re doing a certain number of a certain exercise raise the number of reps and maybe keep the number of rounds the same. In the end it’s up to you and how you feel and whether you’re a beginner or advanced at working out. Mix it up and have fun!! Add body weight training into your schedule, it is highly effective.

Down below is the body weight/cardio workout I did. Enjoy!!!

  1. x30 jumping jacks
  2. x5 pushups
  3. x25 high knees
  4. x7 burpees
  5. x10 crunches
  6. x7 squats
  7. x5 pushups
  8. x10 crunches
  9. x5 pushups
  10. x7 squats
  11. x30 jumping jacks
  12. 1:00 wall sit
  13. x5 pushups
  14. x25 highknees           REPEAT 3-5X!!!!!

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