Bulk it up with or without supplements?

Protein supplements are a huge part of the fitness industry, body builders use protein and fat burners to bulk fast. What is protein supplements? well, it depends but the general operation is speeding up muscle recovery and building it faster than if you didn’t take a supplement.

Some people gain muscle naturally by eating the right foods and having a regular workout session. My favorite protein powder is called Whey Protein, the particular one that I get is a meal replacement so instead of eating a meal after your workout you drink 8 to 12 ounces of this protein powder mixed in water or any beverage. Whey is typically most effective after a workout is complete so it can start building and recovering muscle, unlike some like BCAA which you would want to drink before a workout to give you more energy etc.

Not all protein supplements are meal replacements like the one I get, You can also get whey protein that is a fat burner or energy that you can take periodically throughout the day instead of having it replace your meal. I personally think that you can get all the muscle-building proteins through food such as lean meats and vegetables.

I use whey protein but I don’t take it after every workout, I only take it after my really intense ones where I know I’ll be sore the next day to speed up recovery and build my muscle quicker!!

The arm workout I did today is down below!!  Enjoy!


  1. x8 hammer curls(both sides)
  2.  x8 shoulder presses(double)
  3. x8 butterflies                                REPEAT 4X!!


  1. x10 bicep curls(both sides)
  2. x6 narrow push-ups                   REPEAT 3X!!


  1. x8 tricep extensions
  2. x8 chest fly
  3. x8 skull crushers
  4. x8 laying down tricep push-outs          REPEAT 4X!!



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