Sometimes other objects are better.

Sometimes you don’t have the right tools for certain workouts, maybe the machines are busy at the gym or you workout at home and don’t have a lot available. Here are some substitutes for some tools for working out.

I workout at home all of the time and never go to the gym, so I’ve learned what objects etc can substitute. The first one is a stability ball, not everyone has these but they’re great for doing core workouts on, wall squats and a lot more. You can instead use a foam roller, I don’t have a stability ball so I use my foam roller for ab pull ins instead of the ball. You can also use something smaller like a basketball or volleyball, if you want an un-even or unstable surface to do core workouts on you can use your bed!! You can make any core workout harder by doing it on your bed.

Tricep dips, instead of using the nifty bars at the gym you can use a bench or chair whether you’re home or not. You can use the chair for incline push ups as well as counters, your couch or a stable table.

The big one is, what if you don’t have weights at home? You can use bottles filled with water!! Gallon jugs are best but you could use any normal water bottle filled with water for weights!! Instead of a kettlebell you can use a teapot filled with water! Just use plastic food wrap and a rubber band to cover the spout so water doesn’t fly out.

If you look around your house or gym yu can use any number of things to substitute for a certain tool for your workout! Sometimes it omakes the workout that much more fun!

Check out my Instagram @lookingglassfitness for a little core workout that I did using substitutions!!!

Workout is down below. Enjoy!

  1. x8 crunch/extend legs straight
  2. x8 weighted toe touches
  3. x8 core pull ins
  4. x8 weighted side dips
  5. 00:45 Plank
  6. 00:45 side plank(both sides          REPEAT 3-5XX!!!

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