cardiorespiratory exercise good or bad?

Cardio is a very controversial subject, some people think it’s bad others think it’s all the exercise you should do. The TRUTH is cardio is really good in moderation and mixed with weight/strength training.

You should NOT do it everyday but a couple of times a week is totally fine. I do it twice a week, usually a run for one day then two to tree days later I do a different kind of cardio. But I never do cardio solely on its own, I do it after a weight training session to finish off my whole workout.

Cardio is really good for your heart in moderation, it’s also a way to get blood moving in every part of your body instead of just your arms/core/legs or what ever concentrated area you’re working on in your workout.

Here are some benefits of doing a cardio workout!:

  • stronger heart and lungs
  • reduces stress
  • created higher bone density
  • reduces risk of heart disease and some cancers
  • temporary relief from anxiety and depression
  • better sleep

Some of these benefits speak for general exercise as well!! One of my favorite cardio workouts it down below!! enjoy!

  1. 1:00 High knees
  2. 1:00 Jumping jacks
  3. 1:00 butt kickers
  4. 1:00 jump rope
  5. x20 burpees                           REPEAT 2-5X!!!

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