Mix it up?

We all have our favorite workout routine and exercises, and that is completely fine. I have my go to cardio that I love and ab workouts that are great but you also need to do exercises that you’ve never done to surprise your body!

Yes, I said surprise your body! Your body adapts to exercises and movements you do to the point that it doesn’t build muscle or do anything anymore, you can do the same exercise several days out of the week just not two days in a row because it won’t be effective. That means you have to mix it up, do exercises you’ve never done or space out the ones you love!

This is why I create so many workouts, because my body adapts really fast to exercises and it takes a lot for me to gain noticeable muscle. I do crazy, new, fun exercises to shake it up.

So bottom line is mix up your workout, don’t do the same thing day in and day out because your body won’t grow and improve that way. Working out is supposed to be fun, not a chore like cleaning the dishes(my own personal nemesis) you need to be inspired and excited to do your workout!! So why not do something you’ve never tried before? If it doesn’t work than you don’t have to do it again, but if it does work it’s something elses you can add to your regiment!!

Never be afraid to try something new!! Have a great day everyone! Check out my workout down below!!!

  1. x10 weighted sumo squats
  2.  x10 Narrow/Wide dead lifts (alternating)
  3.  x10 weighted Pulsing squats(pulse three times then stand up)
  4.  x16 Single leg deadlifts(8 each leg)
  5.  x10 weighted in/out jump squats     REPEAT 3-5x!!!!!

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