A little Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Emily, this is going to be a fitness blog where I’ll talk about workouts and proper techniques and certain moves I’m loving at the moment. I’ll be posting workouts that I do, I create all of my workouts to best suit my body. I do get inspiration from fitness gurus but I always change the exercises and modify them to suite me as well as just making up moves that I’ve never seen anyone else do that are effective and fun. I create customized workouts for people as well, i’ve created workouts for my parents, my grandpa and teammates. If you’re interested in anything i’ve just talked about feel free to follow me!! Working out is what I love to do and I’m excited to finally start this blog!! I’ll be posting new workouts about six days out of the week and continuing my blog hopefully everyday(provided I’m not swamped with school etc) I’m looking forward to seeing what happens! Have a wonderful day everyone!


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